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Securing and Transporting Trucks

This week’s blog is actually a short video showing the cargo securement highlights on a recent load of trucks that I transported. Click here to watch the video.     Share This.

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pipeline disruption

A major fuel supply disruption.

Currently, there is a fuel supply disruption in a major gasoline pipeline in Alabama.  Click here for more details.  Colonial Pipeline, which supplies 40% of the gasoline to the east coast, developed a major leak that was detected on September 9th.  Approximately 300,000 gallons of gasoline had leaked from the pipeline, but thankfully none of it30

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Forcing 3 Million Trucks to Install Speed Limiters

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Recently, I attended the CCJ (Commercial Carrier Journal) Symposium and had the privilege to listen to a myriad of speakers from inside of our industry and from other business sectors.  I listened very closely to all the discussion, but especially to the rationale for the proposal for mandatory speed limiters. Bill Quade, associate administrator for30

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Trucking – One of the most dangerous professions

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The U.S. Department of Labor recently posted a blog highlighting the somewhat surprising dangers in trucking.  I wasn’t surprised as I remember reading this article a few years ago.  Even with the recent police shootings and the deserved attention given to first responders – those professions are more likely to come home at the end30

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RIP to Darrell Ward – the Montana Legend

Darrell Ward was known as the Montana Legend on the hit show, “Ice Road Truckers.”  He and the pilot both died in a small plane crash in rural Montana on Sunday.  I saw him Saturday night at the hotel restaurant following the Great American Truck Show in Dallas.  Little did I know that he had30

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Wildfires and Flooding: Trucking is Affected

The last few weeks have brought natural disaster to a couple parts of our country.  Louisiana is recovering from historic flooding around Baton Rouge and California is dealing with six major wildfires at the time of this writing.   Truckers must keep informed of these fast changing situations.  These disaster areas also include very busy interstates30

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