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Wildfires and Flooding: Trucking is Affected

The last few weeks have brought natural disaster to a couple parts of our country.  Louisiana is recovering from historic flooding around Baton Rouge and California is dealing with six major wildfires at the time of this writing.   Truckers must keep informed of these fast changing situations.  These disaster areas also include very busy interstates30

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An Owner-Operator needs to spend less time on these 6 things

An independent owner-operator is one of the most American professions that there is. Where else can an individual buy the equipment needed to compete on the very same stage (we call it the road) with all the big fleets? As I write this, my one truck company is competing with all the 10,000 truck big fleets30

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What critical issues are you facing in the trucking industry?

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), a part of the American Trucking Association (ATA), recently posted its 2016 survey of the most critical issues facing the trucking industry.  In it, they present a list of 29 topics that “have been identified as the top industry issues for 2016 by industry professionals.”  Participants are instructed to30

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Roadside Produce Stands: A healthy way to eat

I often hear truckers say that they can’t get healthy food while out on the road. There’s no easy fix to this. However, let me suggest stopping at roadside produce stands. I’ve often stopped to buy fresh produce that’s ready to eat. Sure, some of it requires washing, but I’ve bought plenty of tomatoes, apples30

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My Visit to Expedite Expo in Lexington, KY

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I just got back from the Expedite Expo in Lexington, KY. The annual show has been held in Wilmington, OH since its inception in 2001, but outgrew the venue there and was moved to the Lexington Center for the first time this year. It is the only trade event that focuses solely on the expedited30

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Visit Cadillac Ranch in your truck

This week’s blog comes from my friends at Cadillac Ranch is the extraordinary art exhibit located outside Amarillo, TX which permanently displays several half-buried 1950’s era Cadillacs. It is located on a privately owned cow pasture but the public is welcome to visit the site. The unlocked gate to enter Cadillac Ranch is located30

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